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Mobile app is an efficient alternative to web browsing. The ideal scenario is to engage your customer with your brand. Of course, this can only be achieved by increasing the value of your clients by easing the process for them. Our experts assist you in achieving these goals so that your customers can launch your mobile apps in just a span of seconds.

Connect Better with Audience

Customers today are more likely to engage with your brand through mobile apps. If you focus on increasing the sales only, this will benefit you in short-term period. But your focus on customer engagement as well, will give your business many long-term benefits. We develop a seamless connection of you with your clients by allowing them a quick access to your product.

Boost Sales Efficiently

When customer satisfaction increases, the sales increase efficiently with it. You can also take out an average that 70% of the sales is influenced by how the customer feels. More the customers become engaged with your product, more its demand will increase. Ultimately your sales will rise too. We have expertise to give your app a competitive edge while also improving the efficiency of your web.

Cost Effective

Apps allow you to simplify your communication with clients. It reduces the cost of SMS and paper newsletters. Apps also reduce staff workload by phone calls and information queries. It can also process secure and direct messages to the client. This in turns increase the loyalty to your brand since your business always remains front.

OUR MOBILE APP SERVICES Gain Benefits by hiring our mobile app services MENTIONED BELOW


    Design an easy to use and marvellous app, which encompasses expectations of customers when swiping it. We deliver you a fast, attractive, and engaging app that gives a boost to your audience engagement.


    Android apps are a platform of multi-purpose features which the modern world enjoys. Zega logo serves you a flawless app that is interesting to use and its design and structure portray the quality which your brand promises.


    Engage a myriad of smartphone users with your app, regardless of the operating system your audience use. Zega logo can assist you design and develop an awe-inspiring app that your audience relish.


    Game app development is not a piece of cake for everyone. It requires extensive knowledge to develop a precise element. Zega logo has the perfect expertise which brews the right components for the ultimate gaming experience.

our award-winning portfolio Having spent years in the industry, we have a wide portfolio to talk about

Herman’s World

Herman’s world is a brand owned by a New York-based fashion designer, gaining a reputation for exceptional office wear. They came to us looking for ways to optimize their brand reach. With this e-commerce mobile app, they were able to provide their customers the quality service and products, which helped them build a credible clientele over a short time period. Now they enjoy a huge clientele and several loyal customers!

Mindful Body Fitness

Instead of getting people to come to a gym and pay a fee for their own fitness, Mindful came up with an idea to reach out to people more effectively, through an app, motivating, tracking and training people on a daily basis. We designed their app with a build in trainer guide, tracking system, and music syncing system. Making it a go-to app for thousands of people. Our client surely benefitted aplenty.

Young at Heart

We assisted our client with brand revamp, changed the look and interface of the app, making it more attractive and user-friendly in the customization process. We added thousands of customization elements, making the app fun to use, dynamic and enhancing both its look and usability. Our customer has expanded their reach ever since the revamp.

Plan Smart Planner

A quick signup, easy selection of dates and paying method is what we planned in this app for our client Plan Smart Planner. We strategically planned and developed a secure payment process which allowed our customers to ensure their clients about their app. Now they have gained a reputation for excellent travel planner in their region, we also assisted them with branding strategy and now they enjoy a large number of loyal customers.

Two Pesos

Our client came to us with a creative name “Two Pesos” an incredible idea! We made their dream come true with this app which is easy to use and simple. It includes all restaurants, cafes and other eatery options the user can select from. They run their bikes to deliver ordered food to their users. Their efficiency along with our user-friendly interface has taken their business to another level altogether.

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Our Comprehensive Process We Practise a Transparent Process Which Aims at Providing Flawless Outcomes for Every Task.








Before designing an app, our team of professionals carries a thorough and extensive research regime about the idea of industry, current industrial norms, and the minds of targeted audience. Also, we communicate with our clients and take all the notes necessary to provide them with the best possible results.


Now your app will be designed by our expert team to provide the insight of the final project to the client. Now it will be assessed both by the client and experts based on its idea and mission. This will allow the client to make any desired changes to the app layout and design.


After designing and developing your app, we ensure its compatibility with all devices. If you want any other changes in specific design or layout or animation in your app, you can request to our design consultants and our developers will carry it out efficiently.


Once all the development is completed, our design consultants and experts carry a review regime. If any change is required in your app including design, layout, or any feature, we offer numerous revisions. Our consultants will help you go through your app's functionality thoroughly, once you finalize the app we will upload it.


After finalizing the project along with the necessary adjustments by the client, we will upload your app as per your requirement. We can upload it to both Apple Store, Play Store or Windows App Store or all three as per your target audience.


To help you optimize your app we offer maintenance and evolution service. We will help you fix bugs and make tweaks over the period of six months and make sure your app is fully functional and in the best shape when we leave it in your hands. Your satisfaction is our success.

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    Ines Beike Herman’s World of
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  • I took a whole package, which was surprisingly reasonably priced, I did so because I was impressed by the customer support, once the work started coming in, I was amazed how crazy creative this lot is! Exceptional work! Wonderful outcome! Each and everything is just superb. My go-to agency for sure!

    Anosh Khanola Mindful

  • Account manager Jordyn was a super sweet and incredibly pro! She assisted me with each and everything I required and took prompt action on each task. My website, logo, mobile app looks fabulous! I have been able to reach a lot of credible clients because of them! Looking forward to work with them again!

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